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Welcome to APAC’s largest community for connecting B2B marketers responsible for driving pipeline, revenue and growth, securing larger budgets and a firm seat at the leadership table!


B2B Marketing Talent & Recruitment is a division of B2B Marketing Leaders Forum, APAC’s largest B2B marketing community, with yearly conferences held in Sydney, Melbourne, Singapore and virtual events across all of Asia Pacific.

With thousands of B2B marketers in the region having spoken or attended our conferences since our launch in 2015, we pride ourselves on our knowledge and understanding of the latest B2B marketing trends, strategies, technologies and leadership techniques and skills. All required  for turning marketing departments into revenue generating machines, ensuring you stay relevant as modern marketers in an environment of constant transformation and change.

Our large personal network and deep understanding of the complexity of B2B marketing roles saw us launch the recruitment arm of the business in 2021.

Finding the right person for your team, the right next role for you and the right culture for you to build your B2B marketing career!

B2B marketing roles we'll help you with:


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Since we understand B2B marketing in such depth we’ll guarantee to only send you highly qualified candidates for you to interview. No time wasting!


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Contact us to discuss the role and person you’re looking for or need to fill.


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We will listen and will be on your side to give you clear and up to date insights to the current B2B marketing talent and recruitment landscape. 


Search & selection

We partner through our network and connections with over 16,000 B2B marketers to highlight opportunities that align with your criteria


Interview & hire

We will ensure you have the best possible chance of securing every role and talent you interview for through us.

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Katy has over 15 years experience recruiting marketing talent. Call her today on +61 420 796 250 or leave your details below

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