Who are B2B Marketing Talent & Recruitment?

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Welcome to APAC’s largest community for connecting B2B marketers responsible for driving pipeline, revenue and growth, securing larger budgets and a firm seat at the leadership table!


B2B Marketing Talent & Recruitment is a division of B2B Marketing Leaders Forum, APAC’s largest B2B marketing community, with yearly conferences held in Sydney, Melbourne, Singapore and virtual events across all of Asia Pacific.

With thousands of B2B marketers in the region having spoken or attended our conferences since our launch in 2015, we pride ourselves on our knowledge and understanding of the latest B2B marketing trends, strategies, technologies and leadership techniques and skills. All required  for turning marketing departments into revenue generating machines, ensuring you stay relevant as modern marketers in an environment of constant transformation and change.

Our large personal network and deep understanding of the complexity of B2B marketing roles saw us launch the recruitment arm of the business in 2021.

How we work

Trust us! We understand who you're looking for!

What are you looking for?

We understand that finding the right person for your team at all levels is essential for you to build a high-performing team. We work to understand the unique culture and values of your team, your organisation and the needs of this role to match them to the right long-term hire. 


What have you done so far to secure this role? What do you need from your recruitment partner? As experts in the recruitment and selection of marketing roles we want to help you position the opportunity to attract the highest calibre candidates that align to your vision, values and culture.


The brief

We will listen and will be on your side to give you clear and up to date insights to the current B2B marketing talent landscape. 

What are the essentials of the role? What skills and experience do you need? What is essential and where can you provide training?  What MarTech stack are you using and is experience essential? What campaigns/ projects will this person be working on in the first 3,6,12 months? What are the KPIs? Where could this role progress/ develop? What type of leader are you? 

We work through an in-depth briefing process to ensure we aren’t making presumptions and are all on the same page to ensure the fastest turnaround from job brief to hire freeing up your time to focus on on your day-job.


Search and selection

Leave it to us. 

We have a database of over
16,000 B2B marketers across Asia Pacific and have over 15 years experience in the search, identification, selection and screening of marketers. 

We ensure we align every search to the best talent through building trusted relationships and networks to ensure if we do not know the right person we will find them and introduce them. 

We understand the skills and are experts in aligning the right skills and right culture fit so you can secure the right hire. We will be honest, open and transparent throughout the search so we can keep updating the brief to find the right talent. 



Our brief and selection capabilities mean you will only interview people who are interested and engaged in you and your role. Interviews are a two-way street. We help you understand the most appropriate interview format for each role and keep you updated with any changes in the search. This is a time to really look at how you position yourself, the team and the organisation. We will ensure you are in a position to make an informed decision and can progress quickly from interview to further rounds and hire ensuring you can secure the best talent ahead of the competition. 

Feedback is key to ensuring we can secure the right talent for you. We will actively seek feedback on the candidate performance and our shortlisting at every stage to ensure a best-in-market employment brand experience for you. 


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